San Diego Free Youth Community Carnival

San Diego Community Assist (SDCA) is pleased to present the San Diego Free Youth Carnival. With rides, games, food, and other attractions, the SDCA is committed to providing an ultimate entertainment experience for kids and families, who are all welcomed to join the fun.


Carnival Map

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About The Event

This year, we plan to welcome thousands of people to make the trip to Encanto, San Diego, to eat fried foods, take a plunge on a carnival ride, and maybe win a prize at one of the many game booths.

But there are more attractions at the carnival than just the food and rides…

The SDCA fair will offer visitors several rides as well as a variety of games, food, and drinks. It will also pay tribute to community heroes (senior, adult, and youth), elected officials, and local high school marching bands.

One of the main attractions will be a live music concert series featuring local singers, bands, and entertainers performing throughout the day.


***Admission is Free For All Ages***

Time: 12 pm – 5 pm *subject to change*

Location: Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation

Address: 404 Euclid Avenue, San Diego, CA 92114


This event is celebrating summertime, community, and youth in San Diego. It is offered on behalf of San Diego Community Assist (SDCA) a 501c3 nonprofit charity organization.

Local community members, high school kids, parents, children, and businesses are all encouraged to join in on the festivities.  

There will be several available places for local vendors to showcase their products, food trucks, and refreshments. Please follow the link to reserve a spot.


Several local sponsors have stepped up to promote this community event. We have banners, booth spaces available still. If you are interested in being a sponsor, please visit click to the next page and apply.


We are asking for several volunteers to help us provide this carnival for the Southeast San Diego community. Anyone is welcome to sign up that wants to help. Please contact us at volunteers@mysdca.org

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We are welcoming advertisers to hang up banners at the event. Advertisers are also able to sponsor rides, games, and more! Please contact us below to inquire. Several packages available.


Press is welcome at our event. If you intend to document press coverage, please get in contact with us first, so we can provide more detailed information. 


Local entertainers such as live performers, musicians, and stage performers are encouraged to come to the event. We have a stage and amphitheater for bands as well. 


How To Donate

Help us pave the way for a brighter San Diego by donating today. All proceeds go to charity.

Paypal Donations Accepted Here:

Whether it’s tackling homelessness, assisting community members with employment, or hosting educational programs, we set the foundation to shape bold dreams. This can be seen in our efforts, including the ambitious goal of reducing homelessness by 30% in the span of 5 years, eventually building over 20,000 homes in the next 8-10 years. Our organization represents the diverse members of the community. We promote small acts of service to ignite the desire for generosity within ourselves and others. through our community efforts, we develop a better quality of life.

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Please RSVP for FREE Admission Via our official eventbrite page below. Donations are also accepted here. 

Volunteer Form

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General Public FAQ

Rides, Games, and Admission all free to general public. Food trucks and vendor booths may come with additional cost.

Saturday, July 24th, from 12:00pm – 5:00pm

Find local parking nearby at shops or on side streets. The carnival will fill up the entire parking lot at the Jacobs center. 

All ages are allowed at the event. This event is for youth, so middle school and high school kids are encouraged to come out and enjoy the celebration. 

Raffle will be held during the event. TBD as to what prizes will be raffled off.

Rules are in compliance with local laws. As the event is outside, masks are not mandatory, but please bring one in case. 

Vendors, Donors, FAQ

The easiest way to become a sponsor is to RSVP at this link: https://icestormmarketing.com/sponsorship, to apply, and choose the sponsorship package that is best for you.

Local businesses, entrepreneuers, or invdividuals who support charity can become a sponsor.

Vendors will get a space to set up a table or booth. Space is limited to apply today. Vendors must have a license.

Vendors can serve food but must have a valid license to do so. 

Sign up to our list of volunteers to reserve your spot, simply RSVP above to let us know you want to help.

Volunteers will assist with set up, help guests find parking, and ensure a quality experience for everyone. 

All guests must sign to participate in carnival games and rides. Please visit link to fill form: https://forms.gle/M5n2mKR272mAykL16